We offer legal representation to policyholders in all areas of insurance coverage. 

Insurance coverage issues arise in a variety of disputes.  Commonly, these disputes pertain to bodily injury or property damage from an automobile collision or other accident.  They also often relate to construction defects, contracts, employment, and professional negligence.  Whatever the dispute or type of insurance policy, our firm offers legal representation to policyholders regarding their insurance rights.  We offer our clients dependable legal advice and practical solutions, drawing from over 30 years of experience.


Insurance companies have special duties requiring them to protect their customers. Those duties are to deal fairly and to act in good faith. While insurance companies do not generally set out to breach those duties, a desire to increase profits can sometimes result in business practices that are adverse to the insured.  If you believe your insurance company has dealt with your claim in bad faith, our familiarity with the responsibilities of insurance companies can help you get coverage when you need it the most.


Legal issues arise out of all types of construction projects, regardless of their size.  Any project can carry the risk of a later claim for building defects, substandard materials, or warranty violations.  We advise construction professionals in litigation, dispute resolution, and insurance coverage issues.  Our clients range from subcontractors across different tier levels, to developers of multi-million dollar properties.  We are committed to helping our clients obtain the defense and indemnification coverage they need to avoid a loss.


A mistake in delivering professional services could result in bodily injury, property damage, or economic loss to your clients. Homeowners, property associations, business owners, directors, officers, and employees often have similar concerns, even if they do "everything right." Contact our firm to discuss any of your insurance coverage needs, regardless of the type of policy or litigation at issue.