Negotiated severance can offer a way to achieve important goals on your way to your next employment opportunity. A severance agreement can take some of the sting out of a layoff, settle an employment litigation claim, or even resolve problems related to the merger or sale of a professional practice group. To see how severance negotiations can protect and advance your interests, contact an experienced employment law attorney at Ryan & Associates, APLC in San Diego.

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We apply our experience with employment law issues and dispute resolution to develop detailed answers to such questions as: why do you need to leave your job? If you're facing termination or layoff, do you have viable legal claims for discrimination, harassment or retaliation against your employer? Did you sign a negotiated employment agreement, or are you an employee at will? Do any restrictive covenants limit your ability to work in the same field right away?

If a severance package is offered in connection with a downsizing or layoff at your company, we can review the terms to find ways to improve them. If you're considering litigation with your employer, we can advise you whether that is your best alternative to achieve your goals.

If you're an executive or professional working under a written employment contract, we can examine the terms for additional bargaining leverage if your departure is a reasonable response to management problems, a change in business strategy, or the sale or merger of the company. We also advise clients about their litigation options if you're on either side of a dispute concerning the meaning or enforcement of an existing severance agreement.

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The advice of an experienced employment lawyer can help you achieve a good severance package in cases where you might avoid litigation to resolve workplace problems.

For more information about our ability to represent your interests effectively in severance negotiations, contact Ryan & Associates, APLC in San Diego.