Most businesses that deal directly with customers, clients or patients have what is known as errors insurance. This type of coverage is designed to protect against claims by customers that your services did not have the intended results. If a customer takes legal action against you, this coverage can cover the cost of your defense, which can be expensive, even if you are victorious.

Not having the right coverage or your insurance carrier denying a claim could be financially devastating to you and your company. With more than 30 years of legal experience, including time working for insurance companies, attorney Greg J. Ryan and the rest of our team at Ryan & Associates, APLC in San Diego can help your business secure effective coverage.

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Errors coverage comes in many forms: For doctors and other health care providers, it is often known as malpractice insurance. Lawyers, accountants and others in similar industries have professional liability insurance.

This insurance can protect your business when clients and customers claim:

  • You engaged in medical malpractice, such as through a misdiagnosis, a surgical error or causing a birth injury to a child
  • You cost a business money by shipping a product late or to the wrong location
  • Loss of reputation for not providing proper services to another business
  • You sold a client insurance or another product that did not provide the coverage they needed

It is challenging to purchase the right type of errors insurance, because each type of business has different risks. We understand the insurance industry and can help you maximize your coverage should you ever need it. As experienced trial lawyers, we also take action against insurance companies for denying your claim in bad faith.

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