Unfortunately for many business owners, even if they do everything right to the letter of the law, there may come a time when an employee takes legal action for some kind of perceived illegal conduct.

Employment practices liability (EPL) insurance is designed to shield your company from potentially costly litigation that may accompany an employment law dispute with one of your workers. At Ryan & Associates, APLC in San Diego, Mr. Ryan puts his more than 30 years of experience in insurance law and employment law to work to help you receive the right coverage for your business.

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EPL coverage protects against employee claims against your business for alleged illegal acts like:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination based on age, race, religion, disability or other factors
  • Wrongful termination, retaliation or other illegal employee discipline
  • Wage-and-hour violations
  • Illegally denying Family and Medical Leave Act time

The EPL coverage will cover your legal costs, whether you win or lose your case. Mr. Ryan has an extensive track record of litigating bad faith insurance claims to help his clients receive the benefits for which they pay their premiums.

An Insurance Lawyer Who Also Understands Employment Law Disputes

Mr. Ryan also represents employees who are the victims of discrimination, harassment and wrongful termination. As an experienced litigator with experience in both insurance and employment disputes, Mr. Ryan can help you understand your options for limiting your company's exposure to employment litigation.

Having proper hiring procedures, thorough handbooks that spell out procedures on discrimination and harassment, and being responsive to employees' concerns can also make your employment practices liability insurance cheaper.

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Employment law and insurance law are very complex. Working with one attorney who knows the finer details of both can help your business better protect itself. Schedule a free consultation at our office in San Diego today by contacting us online.