Directors and officers for all types of companies, both private and nonprofit, should realize they can be held personally liable in some cases for their company's performance or actions. That is where directors' and officers' liability insurance comes in.

Ensuring you receive maximum coverage you pay for under your policy is a difficult task. In San Diego, our lawyers at Ryan & Associates, APLC can help you understand your rights and deal with insurance companies to protect your assets when shareholders, customers and government entities take action against your company.

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While most companies carry all forms of business liability insurance coverage, directors and officers can still be personally exposed to claims of wrongdoing by a company. They can be left facing ruinous financial losses for claims involving:

  • Securities violations and other regulatory actions
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Breach of contract
  • Misrepresentation

As the federal government continues to take action against financial service companies for actions taken during and before the financial crisis, the need for directors and officers coverage is essential.

Greg J. Ryan is a proven trial attorney who has a deep knowledge of the insurance industry. When your insurance carrier does not provide the coverage you need when the time comes, he will be ready to fight for you. In many cases, his intense preparation and effective strategies have helped clients avoid litigation and secured the benefits they paid for.

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